Understanding yourself and your colleagues is key to successful teamwork and leadership. Utilising the strengths of each individual will move your business forward and create a satisfied and more effective team. This will lead to your business becoming more successful and you becoming better equipped to step up to the next level.

DB Coaching and Development can help you and your team really understand each other. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) you will be taken through effective scenarios to demonstrate each personality type and how they function. Following through, you will be able to place yourself in this framework and see where your strengths lie, as well as areas that would benefit from further development. 



Out of the office and out of your comfort zone. High and low ropes, climbing, canoe challenges and team orienteering are a few of the many activities we can use to help your team really understand themselves and each other. We have a large variety of tasks and locations to cater for your needs. All this will cement your learning and challenge you to understand other types and how they operate. 


Using reflective feedback sessions, we will help you see areas for further development, both as a team and individuals. With open and inclusive discussions, together we can build a plan to help your team move forward.